About the
Ranch Collective

Our Mission:

Supporting McNeese State University athletes and ensuring championship programs for years to come.

Louisiana passed new name, image, and likeness (NIL) legislation in July 2021, granting student athletes the right to receive compensation for marketing and promotional endeavors. The Ranch Collective was founded to ensure all NIL agreements follow the letter of the law while serving the best interests of our student athletes. Your willingness to join our cause will allow the Ranch Collective to compensate our outstanding student athletes for licensing and the use of their publicity rights.

The Ranch Collective is also the best way for businesses that want to use Cowboys standouts in their advertising to partner with our student athletes. We provide comprehensive support in facilitating these agreements through every stage of the process. We can help in developing ad campaigns, drafting contracts, and ensuring compliance with both McNeese State and the NCAA.

Why was the Ranch Collective Started?

McNeese State Athletics’ focus is very clear—to be the top program in the Southland Conference and win championships. We want the program to be able to recruit and retain the best student athletes possible to support this quest. NIL is changing the competitive landscape of college athletics. Our student athletes will want to be fairly compensated for their publicity rights. If we can harness the giving power of our community businesses, alumni, and supporters, we can quickly rise to the top of the conference—across the board. We want to make it easy for Pokes Nation to be a part of this initiative and The Ranch Collective is excited to join forces with stakeholders who are ready to make this monumental initiative happen.

How does it work?

The Ranch Collective will enter into Name-Image-Likeness Agreements (“NIL Agreements”) with McNeese State student athletes. The student athletes are selected by The Ranch Collective. Under their NIL Agreement and in return for compensation, a student athlete licenses his or her publicity rights to The Ranch Collective, and The Ranch Collective utilizes the publicity rights by promoting the student athlete on this website, on social media, at events, and in advertising with our donor partners.

Does every student athlete get the same amount?

No. Higher-profile athletes may receive more than others. Each NIL agreement with a student athlete will be different and will be specifically built for them by The Ranch Collective.

What if the student athlete leaves McNeese State or transfers to another university?
The NIL agreements student athletes will enter with The Ranch Collective will be limited in time to protect The Ranch Collective’s funds. To further protect The Ranch Collective’s investment, all contracts will include language that terminates if the student athlete ceases to be a participant in athletics at McNeese State.

Is The Ranch Collective an official McNeese State program?

No. Universities cannot be party to NIL Agreements with student athletes. The Ranch Collective is a separate NIL program that is allowed to communicate with McNeese State to properly facilitate the relationship between McNeese State student athletes and our Collective.

How can a business support The Ranch Collective?

1. Donate monetarily
2. Become a Named Sponsor of the Collective with your contribution amount.
3. Utilize Ranch Collective student athletes in your advertising in both traditional and digital formats

What’s the best way to keep up with the Ranch Collective?

• This Website
• Twitter
• Instagram
• Facebook

How do I get my business involved?

Contact us today and let us know you want to be a part of our mission. It will take all of us to grow The Ranch Collective, and we are excited to work with anyone who wants to help.

Interested in Becoming a Corporate Partner?

The Ranch Collective would not be possible without the help of our corporate partners.
Thank you for being a part of our initiative to create new opportunities for our student athletes.